Volunteer Personality Test

Research on overseas assignments has identified a range of personality factors that are commonly seen as important including: patience, tolerance, interpersonal cultural sensitivity, open-mindedness, dogmatism, self-efficacy, ability to relate, and extroversion (Armes & Ward, 1989; Black, Mendenhall, & Oddou, 1991; Parker & McEvoy, 1993). Recent investigations looking at personality and the actual outcome of assignments have identified “openness to experience” and “agreeableness” as being of particular importance.

THE best free volunteer personality test available on the web can be found h. Complete the test and see how you might do working overseas. (The test was constructed by Dr. Lewis R. Goldberg one of the foremost thinkers in Personality. The test has been subjected to rigourous peer review and is commonly seen as a benchmark standard.)

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