Unite For Sight

NAME: Unite For Sight

WEBSITE LINK: http://www.uniteforsight.org/

WHAT COUNTRY: Ghana, India & Honduras

WHAT IS THE VOLUNTEER WORK: Volunteer optometrists and ophthalmologists apply their skills and training to provide eye care to patients alongside the local eye doctors. You can also volnteer into your specialty – If any of these may interest you Public Health, Medicine, Social Entrepreneurship & International Development volunteer

SKILLS/EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: Unite For Sight welcomes participants who may have little or no previous health experience.

LENGTH OF TIME COMMITMENT: You can commit for long to short term trips, varying from 1-10 weeks.

ABOUT THE ORGANISATION:  Unite for Sight supports eye clinics worldwide and is an esteemed global health delivery organization.

TRUST SIGNALS (registered/international connection/history/reviews): With 13 years of experience in public health, Unite For Sight is an esteemed non-profit global health delivery organization that is renowned as the highest quality global health immersion and volunteer abroad program worldwide.

ACCOMMODATION, FOOD & OTHER FACILITIES: For the correct information on each country’s accommodation details click each of the names. Ghana, Honduras

India –
Dhenkanal, Orissa Program,
Chennai, India Program
Patna, India Program

COSTS: For more details see here


Unite For Sight
International Headquarters
234 Church Street 15th Floor
New Haven, Connecticut 06510
United States of America