Sudan Volunteer Programme

Sudan Volunteer Program

The Sudan Volunteer Programme is a UK registered charity that organises university graduates and university students to teach English at schools and University’s in Sudan.

The SVP has been running for 12 years and appears to be a well run organisation with a regularly updated website, and accounts.

The coordinators emphasise that the political and security situation in the south is not reflected in the north where the Sudan Volunteer Program is based it is relatively more peaceful.

Volunteer Role

The volunteers role while with the Sudan Volunteer Programme  is to teach English in schools and universities. 24 Volunteers went through the programme in 2007/08, and the programme coordinators make an effort to connect prospective participants with past participants.

Teaching usually takes place in a conversational group setting – where students put to use the theory they have learnt in the classroom.

The maximum number of hours per week is 30. This is roughly dividing 2 thirds teaching contact time, and 1 third preparation.

Volunteer Skills

Volunteers must have English as a 1st language and also either be studying at a University of have a degree.

Although not a requirement a 6 month commitment is requested.

Volunteer Costs

Sudan Volunteer programme participants have to pay for their own flight and insurance but the hosting Universities provide accommodation as well as a basic subsistence wage (approximately $130 USD / month).

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