How to find Humanitarian Jobs

The reality of finding humanitarian jobs.

Need career guidance on how to get a humanitarian job? You have seen the humanitarian jobs on reliefweb and idealist and they all ask for years of experience. There are very few intern or starter type roles available. Those few that are out there, are  unpaid and highly competitive. Often with hundreds of applicants with the same qualifications and experience as you. So how do you get in?

It is difficult to find the advice that gets you into the “inner circle” of the Aid and Development sector. From the outside, it seems like some kind of a magic.

Humanitarian jobs

Looking for a job in the humanitarian field?

 Finding a humanitarian job: The Magical Solution.

The Volunteers Tent is working with a  team of Aid and Humanitarian professionals from Workforce Humanity who have experience in hiring people for top level  humanitarian jobs for NGO’s such as MSF, Oxfam, Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity.  These people are New York based and have made themselves available for one to one career counseling sessions for people wanting mentoring to get into the Aid &  Humanitarian sector.

These people are experts at what they do and these services  are not free but for  the small price that we have got them down too, they are worth it. Although we make it a rule that the volunteers tent is an information only site – and does not endorse the programs we list  – in this case we are making an exception. These people are highly knowledgeable, the information and guidance they can  provide you will be of extreme value.

Telephone based Career Mentors for Humanitarian Jobs

Humanitarian Jobs: Career Mentoring & Skills Development A full service offering for the – this is my calling type –  includes a 40min phone conversation focusing on a career plan development, as well as a review of both training and  internship possibilities.

The team at Workforce Humanity will get you to fill in a quick form defining  your experience, education, what your dream job might look like and when you want to get there. One of the advisers will review your information and put together a specific plan  to get you where you want to go, then get in contact with you to arrange a time to call.