Free Me – Wildlife Rehabilitation Program

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The Free Me Volunteer Animal Rehabilitation Program is based in South Africa, in  Northern Johannesburg.

The program  is currently treating over 6000 animals  a year that have been injured, and re-releasing the wildlife back into the wild.

Volunteer Roles:

Almost all the work at the program is carried out by volunteers.

The Free Me volunteer program requires volunteers to feed, clean, and nurse animals that have been rescued. Volunteers can also be involved in raising funds (as the program is self supported), do the plumbing, build cages “…whatever your talent”.

Volunteer Skills & Experience:

The Volunteer program trains volunteers in organised orientation training programs.

As these training programs appear not to run frequently getting in contact and applying for the program so that you can organise dates around the training times is probably the best option.

Volunteer Costs:

The program does not charge fees for volunteering, however it also does not appear to provide accommodation and food.

Enquires as to how this might be best arranged are probably  best made through the program.

Volunteer Program Contact Details

The program website has a PDF volunteer application form that needs to be filled out and signed to apply as a volunteer. The best bet is to probably establish a preliminary contact and give the center a call during (South African) office hours Tel: (011) 807-6993

Rietfontein Nature Reserve
Holkam Road


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