Edirisa – A Uganda Volunteer Program

Overview of The Volunteer Organisation:

Edirisa has a range of programs and opportunities that  focus on developing creativity, culture, and practical skills. Edirisa was founded in 2001 by a Slovenian and a Ugandan graduate from the masters in Development studies program at the Uganda Martyrs University.

Ediresa Staff & Volunteer

The organisation is very active on the web and has produced a number of short but beautiful  volunteer videos that give a real insight into the organisation – worth checking out.

Edirisa appears to be constantly pushing the boundary’s and has a very ambitious outlook. The tent gives this one a ten out of ten.

Volunteer Work/Roles & Expectations:

The volunteer work available is broad and you can get involved in a number of programs

• management
• administration and accounting
• journalism/writing
• multimedia production (photography/video/web/…)
• design (graphic/industrial) and product development
• tour guiding
• cooking, restaurant management
• building, construction, carpentry
• computer maintenance
• teaching  (fine art, English conversation, environment education, first aid, scientific experiments, …)
• nursery schools
• swimming instruction

Edirisa splits its volunteer program around how long a volunteer is planning to volunteer for.

Short term volunteering (0-2 weeks)

Long term volunteering (6 months+)

Volunteer Requirements:

Volunteer Fees/Costs:

Edirisa views its volunteers as a valuable resource and invests heavily into their accommodation, care and training.

As the contribution to activities and the community of Short term volunteers is probably going to be less short term volunteers are expected to contribute 5 euros / day to food and upkeep and maintenance of the accommodation facilities.

Long term and specialist volunteers are not expected to make a contribution.

The Location:

Edirisa is based around the southern area of Uganda-  in Kabale township, and on the nearby shores of Lake Bunyonyi.

How to Apply / Contact Details:

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