Volunteer in Nepal

There are a number of options to Volunteer in Nepal. On the whole, things appear to change on a regular basis and it is next to impossible to stay “upto date” on all the options available. We have listed a few below (we are proud to be supported by Transcription Services from Transcript Divas UK ) and Transcript Divas Transcription Services in Australia).

Kathmandu Walking Tour – A New Zealand based social business, based around Kathmandu walking tours of the back streets of old Kathmandu town [ Sister Project. We have personally worked with and approve this program].

First Steps – A New Zealand based organisation specialising in teaching and schools. They do charge to volunteer – $25/night but costs all go towards building schools. Really [ We have personally worked with and approve this program].

We Gain Zone – More of a volunteer based eco community focused on introducing low cost alternative technology – earth building, bamboo bikes etc.

Help Nepal – A local NGO run on donations from Nepalese working overseas.

Child Haven Orphanages  (also supporting homes in india. bangladesh, nepal and tibet)

WOOFING Nepal Working on local farms in exchange for room and food. Though there are reports that you might have to pay as well as work?

SCAI Australian based NGO working in schools  (charge $10/day but this covers accommodation food and other expenses)

SAV School  is a private primary school on the outskirts of kathmandu, owned and run by a local teacher. Supported by Open World team in the USA.

Hands for Help – Officially registered charity in Nepal. It has received some positive reviews by volunteers

Hands in Nepal – yes similar name. Apparently there are lots of hands in Nepal.

BAC – a arts center that often requires volunteers and in resident artists to run programs.

Some reviews of Nepal Volunteering Programs:

Hole in the Donut – a negative review of  Personal Overseas Development (POD), as well as negative reviews of  Global Visions International (GVI).