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Hiya, my name is Andrew Dodson, main contributor at the “The Volunteers Tent”, I trained as an Organisational Psychologist and worked mainly in health related fields. I have also worked in 4 disasters, 3 of which were earthquakes. Two of these were as a volunteer, 2 employed (one as a research adviser (Oxfam GB), the other as a Project Manager (Red Cross)).

You are probably finding that it is really difficult to  find  an effective volunteering opportunity in post earthquake Nepal & Kathmandu.

And hence why I have put together this site, “The Volunteers Tent” which is all about finding Nepal Volunteer Opportunities – I am currently focusing on  Rebuild volunteer opportunities and information relating to the 2015 April Earthquake.

The questions I am seeking to provide informaiton on are on volunteering in Nepal and how best to contribute to the rebuild.

Volunteer in Nepal Earthquake >>>

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